Pizzo Etichette was born in Vinci, Florence in 1978, and started out as a producer of adhesive labels. Over the years, due to our continuous investments and constant efforts to be the best in our sector, we have grown and now produce a large gamma of adhesive and specialty products, as well as extremely precise and high quality automated machinery.

Our Achievements Over the Years

  • 1978 The year that production commenced and the purchase of our first printing machine.
  • 1980 Added on a second printing machine.
  • 1986 Acquisition of the first multi-printing machine in up to 6 colors.
  • 1988 Addition of second machine with the capacity to print in up to 9 colors.
  • 1991 Expansion of the office.
  • 1992 First UV printing machine in up to 7 colors.
  • 1995 The year we began to sell our products internationally.
  • 1996 Second UV printing machine in up to 9 colors.
  • 1998 Certification of the ISO 9000
  • 2000 Opened a branch office, Prime Tag & Label, in the U.S.A.
  • 2006 28 years after it was established, Pizzo Etichette, has become the industrial division of adhesive labels and specialty products and packaging of

TACROLL s.r.l.

This fusion has allowed us to create and offer a range of products and services such as:

  • Adhesive labels printed in up to 9 colors
  • Raw material adhesive for extreme applications
  • Automated high speed and precise labeling systems
  • Labels for pharmaceutical products and liquids
  • Adhesive hang tabs for displays
  • Labels for fine jewelry
  • Anti-theft tags
  • RFID labels that can monitor and trace products



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