The VGB007 labeling system applies adhesive labels and hang tabs to the most varied of products quickly and with extreme precision.
This is possible due to the use of a Brushless motor system and an automated PLC management feature which allows the user to customize every application.
The VGB007 can be adapted to any automated line, can manage sorting on input, can deviate the flow of products, select manual or automatic loading, interface with the upline machine to manage rejects and differentiate the incoming articles.
The machine also has post application controls to select the quality of the outgoing application, or the quality standards required.

Technical Characteristics

Speed: 0-50 meters/minute
Label width: Min. 10mm Max. 100mm
Label length: Min. 10mm Max. 500mm
Diameter of label reel: Internal Diameter from 38 to 76mm – external diameter 300mm.
Diameter of hook reel: Internal Diameter from 38 to 76mm – external diameter 400mm.
Type of Motor: Brushless*
Electronic Management: Programmable PLC interface Touchscreen Logic
Sensors: optic readers of labels and hang tabs, including transparent ones 220V 50/60HZ
Power Supply: 220V 50/60 HZ / 110V compatible with U.S and Canada

*The Brushless motor makes it possible to increase the speed limits of the precision and frequency of the applications, characteristic of stepper motors. This ensures a perfect synchronization between the transfer of the product and the removal of the film from the label, thus, guaranteeing the resolution of any difficulties that might be encountered when applying adhesive labels or hang tabs.




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